Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a complaint?

We aim to treat our customers fairly at all times, especially when they feel they have cause for complaint. We take any complaint very seriously.

Any complaint, whether made in writing or verbally, is immediately referred to our Complaints Officer.  We also record any complaint we receive.  Our Complaints Officer is responsible for ensuring that we thoroughly investigate any complaints.

Please contact us by emailing or write to us at 40 St James's Place, London, SW1A 1NS

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Why buy Excess Professional Indemnity Insurance?

In recent years Bar Mutual has made the two largest claims payments in its history, both of them materially in exc­ess of Bar Mutual's basic £2.5M of cover. As a result, the Chairman of Bar Mutual stated: "The incidence of such large claims should cause all practicing barristers to give very careful consideration to purchasing adequate levels of cover. Excess layer cover is readily available and affordable. However, far too few barristers purchase it. There is a high chance that a barrister will suffer a personal financial disaster as a result of being under-insured."

Endorsed by Bar Mutual, the TLO scheme provides cover for a variety of indemnity limits (up to a maximum of £150M) in excess of the basic cover of £2.5M provided by Bar Mutual. Premiums are fixed irrespective of fee income or work type (other than certain types of Revenue work) and the cover is underwritten by a panel of many of the world's largest insurance companies and other specialist professional indemnity insurers. The cover follows Bar Mutual's terms and conditions and renews annually on 1 April.

Insurance premiums are tax deductible and so normally the net cost will be 60% of the gross


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What limits can I purchase?

In order to purchase excess layers of cover, you must purchase a minimum primary limit from the Bar Mutual of £2.5 million.  You can then purchase a variety of levels of cover ranging from an additional £2.5 million to an additional £147.5 million.

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What is the policy period?

In line with the Bar Mutual underlying layer, the policy runs annually from 1st April to 31st March. Cover can be incepted part way through this period subject to a pro-rata charge. back to top

How can I pay?

We accept payment via cheque, BACS, or can take debit card payments over the telephone.  Unfortunately we are unable to accept Credit Cards.  If completing your declaration online, and there is no arrangement for chambers to settle centrally, you can also submit payment by card as part of this process.

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If I already purchase excess layer cover, can I increase my limit of indemnity during the year?

Yes - additional layers of cover can be added very quickly and easily, up to a maximum total limit of liability of £150 million.

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What is Additional Legal Services cover?

The interpretation of Legal Services in Bar Mutual's rules specifically excludes certain activities such as lecturing in or teaching law or writing or editing law books articles or reports.  Our policy automatically extends to provide cover for these additional legal services up to a limit of £2,500,000 subject to an excess of £500.  Please refer to the specimen policy wording provided with your quotation for full details.

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How do I make a claim?

Please contact us on 020 7183 4925 or by email at for any matters relating to claims or circumstances that may materialise into a claim.  We will fully support you through the appropriate claims process.

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Any other questions?

If you have any other questions that are not answered above, then please contact us on 020 7183 4925 or email us at

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